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The  #ToAMorePerfectUnion  Poster

(Print It. Post It. Live It.)

America is entering a new and unknown chapter in its ongoing story. With such turbulent changes come heightened fear, anxiety and division. How do we move forward, together? Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, there are things that all Americans can do to bring us closer #toamoreperfectunion. We created this poster as a timely gift to our fellow citizens. It is a collection of truths and insights that have the strength to tear down walls and cultivate real connection. Print it out and hang it in a place where it will enter your field of vision each day. Share it with the people in your life. Let it be a frequent reminder of the power you have as a vital member of our diverse American family. Our story is still unfolding -- and it's on us to write it.

Carry Out the Directives: